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Facilities Requests

All facilities requests need to come through the Facilities Request Form – this is sent to Juanita Irvin

Key Requests

This form is used if you need an office or lab key in the Department.
Complete the fields in the PDF form, print out the form and return it to the Front Desk in Room 2181.

Room Reservations

For instructions on how to check the availability and reserve the ME Conference and Seminar Rooms go here. To reserve a room in the Kim Building you will need to fill out a space request form.

Terrapin Trader

If you need to dispose of computers or other lab equipment, you CAN NOT put these items in the hallways or out in a dumpster, they MUST go through Terrapin Trader. Please print and fill out a Terrapin Trader Form, then return it to Juanita Irvin in Room 2181K.

Room Temperature

If your A/C or Heat is not adequate please contact Juanita Irvin or Work Control (x52222)


Need a phone or network jack moved, activated, or deactivated? Please email your request to MEIT

Inventory Control

Please be aware that due to State rules any computer that is $1000 or more, or other equipment in a particular category must be tagged with a University barcode to be put into the campus inventory system.

This is a State mandated requirement, not just an ME requirement. You will also need to fill out a form if the equipment is to be taken off-campus, i.e. a laptop – a ME Procurement team member will provide the form for you to sign when you pick up an item.

Relocating Equipment

If you are moving computers or lab equipment to another location on or off-campus, you MUST check to see if it has a University barcode on it – if it does, please email Majid Aroom with the details about the item, and the barcode number.